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At CBIS, We offer 3 curricula, namely, British, International (or Nigerian), and Integrated curriculum.

Integrated Curriculum

The Integrated curriculum is a combination of both British and International Curriculum.
It allows students who are yet to decide where to study at their tertiary educational level, the time to explore both options and later decide which curriculum best suits their plans.

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British Curriculum

The British curriculum allows students who plan to study in the United Kingdom at their tertiary educational level to prepare (and sit) for Checkpoint exams at Year 9 and Cambridge IGCSE at Year 11 of their Secondary Education.

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International Curriculum

The International curriculum allows students who plan to study here in Nigeria at their tertiary educational level to prepare (and sit) for BECE exams at Year 9 and WASSCE/NECO at Year 12 of their Secondary Education

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Frequently Ask Question(FAQ)

What Curriculums are offered?

CBIS offers 3 curricula, namely: British, International(or Nigerian), and Integrated Curriculum (a combination of British and International Curriculum).

Does your school accept students with special needs?

Absolutely. CBIS has specialized tutors for children with special needs.

Does CBIS Lekki offer Swimming?
Does your child like swimming? CBIS Lekki has an academy for swimmers.
How many students per class?