CBIS Lekki Seals Victory Against Edidot Schools!⚽️

Yesterday's match between CBIS Lekki and Edidot Schools was an absolute thriller that had us all on the edge of our seats!  The final score was an astounding 10-0 victory for CBIS Lekki, showcasing their incredible skill and dominance on the field! 

The highlight of the match came when the talented Emmanuel and Nathaniel respectively stepped up to take curly free-kicks. With great precision and finesse, he unleashed a curler that left everyone in awe as it found the back of the net! What a sensational goal! 

But that wasn't the only moment that had us jumping with excitement! CBIS Lekki also demonstrated their exceptional teamwork with a stunning goal scored through square playing. The seamless passing and coordination between the players resulted in a goal that had the crowd erupting in cheers! What a display of teamwork! 

Congratulations to CBIS Lekki for their phenomenal performance, especially to Emmanuel and Nathaniel for their incredible free-kick goal curlers, and the entire team for their remarkable display of teamwork!  Your skills, strategy, and passion for the game were on full display, leaving us all in awe! 

We also want to acknowledge Edidot Schools for their sportsmanship and relentless effort throughout the match. Your team showed true resilience and determination until the very end. 

A special shoutout goes to the enthusiastic fans who filled the stadium, creating an electric atmosphere that fueled the players' energy. Your unwavering support and cheers added an extra level of excitement to the game! 

Let's continue to celebrate this extraordinary victory and the outstanding goals scored by CBIS Lekki. They have set the bar high, and we can't wait to see what they bring to future matches! Stay tuned for more updates and let's keep the spirit of sportsmanship alive! 

Curated By: John A.

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