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Pre-School Sports

Let the Fun Begin! Discover the Joy of Movement at CBIS Preschool Sports!


At Caleb British International School, we know that early childhood is a time for exploration, laughter, and laying the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. - That's why our Preschool Sports program isn't just about sports; it's about sparking a lifelong love of movement and building essential skills through playful adventure.

No matter your child's skill level or previous experience, CBIS Preschool Sports has a place for them. We offer flexible schedules and diverse activities to cater to every little explorer's unique needs and interests.

Ready to watch your child blossom through playful movement?

Attend a free introductory session and see the joy of CBIS Preschool Sports firsthand.
Contact our program coordinator to learn more about our schedule and enrollment options.
Give your child the gift of movement, laughter, and lifelong skills with CBIS Preschool Sports!


Here's why CBIS Preschool Sports is the perfect playground for your little one:

Designed for tiny athletes: Our gentle, age-appropriate activities are tailored for preschoolers' developmental stages, fostering gross motor skills, coordination, and balance in a safe and fun environment.

Sparkling with variety: From colorful parachute play and obstacle courses to rhythmic movement and ball games, our diverse program keeps little ones engaged, challenged, and eager for more.

Teamwork makes the dream work: We nurture social skills and cooperation through playful activities, helping them learn to share, take turns, and celebrate each other's successes.

Confidence builders: We believe in every child's potential, and our program offers a platform for them to explore their abilities, conquer challenges, and build a healthy dose of self-esteem.

A happy community: The joy of movement translates into laughter, smiles, and new friendships. Our program fosters a positive and supportive environment where little ones can feel safe and have fun with their peers.


Caleb Adebogun Crescent,
Abijo GRA, Lekki, Lagos.

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