Examination Rules and Procedures

To successfully complete examinations at Caleb British International School, students need to be aware of the following rules and guidelines:

General guidelines:

⦁ A student should consult the exam timetable to ensure that he or she  attends all exams at the appropriate time and place.

⦁ Students who behave inappropriately will have marks deducted and/or be placed on detention. Parents will be contacted.

⦁ Blue and black pens must be used. All necessary stationery must be in a clear plastic sleeve.

⦁ Students must provide their own stapler.

⦁ Students should assemble at the exam Hall/Classroom 15 minutes prior to their exam.

⦁ Full school uniform must be worn.

⦁ Students are responsible for checking that all sections of their exam answers are handed to the supervising teacher at the conclusion of the exam. Conduct during the examination

⦁ Follow the day-to-day rules of the school.

⦁ Remove all essential exam equipment from your bag outside the exam Hall/Classroom.

⦁ Line up outside the exam Hall/Classroom as directed by the Teacher.

⦁ Place your bag in an area as instructed by your Teacher. ⦁ Follow the Teachers’ instructions at ALL times.

⦁ Sit at the desk allocated to you.

⦁ Behave in a polite and courteous manner during the exam.

⦁ Make a serious attempt to answer all questions in the exam.

⦁ Only use an approved calculator that is silent, battery or solar powered, has been switched off and had all storage facilities cleared before entry into the exam.

⦁ Bring your materials in a clear plastic sleeve or in your hands.

⦁ Staple all loose sheets of writing paper together at the conclusion of the exam and place these inside the exam paper. Your name must be written on all pages.

⦁ All scrap paper or working sheets must have your name written on each page, be stapled together and placed inside your exam paper.

⦁ No paper is to leave the exam room and no paper is to be thrown in the bin.    You must not:

⦁ Speak to or communicate with any other person other than the supervisors after entry into the exam and until you have completely left the exam room.

⦁ Eat in the exam room. (You may however bring a clear water bottle which contains water only).

⦁ Behave in a way likely to disturb the work of others or upset the conduct of the exam.

⦁ Take into the exam room any books, notes, dictionaries, electronic dictionaries or other equipment unless stated by your Teacher.

⦁ Take a mobile phone or any other electronic device that has not been approved by the School into the exam.