ICT Policy


Caleb British International School ICT and Internet Access Policy has been drawn up to protect all parties (students, staff and the school) when ICT equipment is in use.
Users requesting ICT and internet access should read and sign a copy of this Acceptable Use Policy and return it to the Director of Studies, Mr. Olatunji for approval.
The school reserves the right to examine or delete any files that may be held on its computer system or to monitor Internet sites visited and email sent or received. Users are responsible for all emails sent and for contacts made that may result in email being received. As email can be forwarded or inadvertently sent to the wrong person, the same professional levels of language and content should be applied as for letters or other media.
Email addresses are allocated to individual users. However, they do not contain the user’s full name. All emails passing through the school computer system are monitored by system administrators for malicious and/or offensive content, in addition to unsuitable text and images.

Aims of the policy

1. To allow all users to access and use computers, internet and email for educational purposes.
  • Educational activities can cover:
  • • Individual research
  • • Preparation of lessons
  • • Project work
  • • Homework assignments
  • • Communicating with other teachers and students

2. Provide a mechanism by which staff and students are protected from sites, information and individuals which could undermine the principles and aims of the school.
3. Provide rules which are consistent, and in agreement with, the data protection and privacy laws as applicable in Nigeria.
4. Provide rules which are consistent with the acceptable procedures commonly used on the internet, including those associated with “netiquette”.
5. Provide a framework for a safe, nonthreatening ICT environment within school.

Acceptable Use

1. You must obtain the permission of your parent(s) / guardian(s) before you can be allowed to use the computer, internet and email facilities at CBIS.
2. You must only access those services you have been given permission to use.
3. You must not access any ICT service without permission from a member of staff.
4. Work or activity on the internet and/or computers must be directly related to your school work. Private use of the Internet in school is strictly forbidden
5. Do not disclose any password or username you have been given, to anyone.
6. Do not give out personal addresses, telephone/fax numbers or email addresses of any person at CBIS. Use of names or photographs of anybody at CBIS will require written permission from parent(s) /guardian(s) or staff concerned.
7. Do not download, use or upload any material which is copyrighted. Always seek permission from the owner before using any material from the internet. If in doubt, or you cannot obtain permission, do not use the material. Students must also not plagiarise work
8. Under no circumstances should you view, upload or download any material which is likely to be unsuitable for students or schools. This applies to any material of a violent, dangerous, racist or inappropriate sexual nature. If you are not sure about the suitability of any material, you must ask a member of staff.
9. Always respect the privacy of files of other users. Do not enter the file areas of other students or staff without obtaining permission from them first. All computer accounts (usernames and passwords) are for the use of a single individual, the person for whom the account was approved. All actions when an account is in use are the responsibility of the account holder.
10. You must agree for the ICT Technician/Teacher i.e. Mr. John or Mr. Hayford to view any material you store on removable media (disks, CD’s, USB Pen Drives etc) or on school computers.
11. Be polite and appreciate that other users might have different views than your own. The use of strong language, swearing or aggressive behaviour is not allowed. Do not state anything which could be interpreted as libel (untrue or misrepresents the facts).
12. Use of school facilities to gain unauthorised access to any other account, at this school or any other facility, is expressly prohibited. Doing so may constitute a criminal offence.
13. Any students finding themselves uncomfortable or upset by anything they discover on the internet or computers in school, must report it to a member of staff immediately.
14. CBIS has the authority to disable users, email facilities and internet access immediately, without warning, for failure to comply with this policy.
15. All users have a duty to report infringements of this policy by others to a member of staff Note: The school must be strict in these matters to ensure that any user breaching this agreement is prevented from bringing the school into disrepute and to ensure that the integrity of the school is maintained.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in one or more of the following:

(a) A ban, temporary or permanent, on the use of computers, the internet and/or email facilities at school.
(b) A letter informing your parents of the nature and breach of rules.
(c) Appropriate sanctions and restrictions placed on access to school facilities to be decided by the Vice Principal, Director of Studies, Head of Year, Head of Department, Head of ICT, Principal or Senior Leadership & Management Team (SLMT).
(d) Any other action decided by the Director and Governing Council.
(e) Where applicable, the Police or Authorities may be involved. If you do not understand any part of this Acceptable Use Policy, you must consult with the Director of Studies before signing the agreement.