To ensure uniformity of practice during our examination period it is important that all Teachers adhere to the following guidelines which apply to the time frame immediately before, during and after the examination:

Before the Examination:
⦁ The Supervisor and Invigilator should be present 30 minutes before the commencement of the examination.
⦁ The Supervisor and Invigilator check whether the tables and chairs in the classroom are neatly arranged.
⦁ The classroom should be neat and free of any written or printed materials.
⦁ The white board should be clean.
⦁ The Invigilator should ensure seats are arranged in rows with clear spacing.
⦁ The Invigilator should dress smartly at all times ⦁ The Invigilator should line the students up outside the classroom in an orderly and efficient manner.
⦁ The Invigilator should check the students into the class 15 minutes before commencement of examination.

During the Examination
⦁ Refuse entry to the examination to any student who arrives more than half an hour after commencement of the examination.
⦁ The Invigilator announces which exams are being held at the commencement of the examination and distributes the papers.
⦁ The Invigilator should write the time and date of the examination on the board, stating starting and ending time.
⦁ Whistling, humming, jingling money or keys in a pocket should be avoided at all times.
⦁ If Invigilators have to converse with each other this should be done as far away as possible from the students.
⦁ The Invigilator should not work on a laptop, script or use a cell phone during examination.
⦁ The seating position of the Invigilator is such that he or she faces the students in the examination hall.
⦁ The Invigilators footwear should be of a type that is soft soled and noiseless, not a flip flop sandal with a noisy buckle.
⦁ The Invigilator should ensure that during the examination the students do not lend books, calculators, pens etc. to each other

After the Examination:
⦁ The Invigilator allows a Dyslexic student the opportunity to spend a further half hour at a maximum to complete the examination.
⦁ The Invigilator does not allow any student to leave the hall earlier than the stipulated time for an examination.
⦁ At the end of the examination the Invigilator should announce that the examination has ended. He retrieves the examination papers from students.

If a student is suspected of cheating/malpractice during the examination the following procedures will apply:
⦁ Stop the examination for the relevant student.
⦁ Take up all written work from the student.
⦁ Make contact with the Vice Principal / Examinations Supervisor.
⦁ Ask the VP/Supervisor to escort the Student out of the room.
⦁ The VP and Supervisor should write a Report on the incident.
⦁ The Management Team along with the Supervisor should investigate the incident and interview the student concerned.
⦁ If the Student is found guilty, his or her Exam Result will be cancelled.
⦁ The child signs an undertaking that he or she will not engage in such practices again otherwise he or she will be prohibited from sitting the IGCSE/Cambridge Checkpoints examination at Caleb British International School.
⦁ A copy of the signed letter will be placed in the student’s file and a second copy sent to Parents.
⦁ A public apology will be given by the student at Assembly.
⦁ Further incidences of cheating by the student will be treated as a very serious offence and sanctions imposed will be in line with the CBIS Positive Behavioural Policy.