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We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize for the late delivery and distribution of our uniforms. The issues with regard to uniform will be rectified in the weeks ahead and we thank all our Parents for their patience and co-operation in this regard.Kindly note the rules and regulations governing standards for uniform at Caleb British International School.  

Girls Uniform: 

⦁Short sleeved, non-transparent, clean white shirt⦁Blazer should be dry cleaned on a regular basis, each child should possess a minimum of two blazers⦁White ankle socks worn slightly above the ankle⦁Trainers for Sports, in addition to white ankle socks⦁No make-up including lip gloss or eyebrow marking⦁No Bracelets⦁No fringes, hair must always be packed neatly to the back⦁Black leather school shoes, laced, with no heels. Shoes must be polished at all times⦁Small plain stud earrings, no large earrings⦁Under no circumstances should eyebrows be marked or shaped.

Uniform Standards at CBIS (Continued): 

Boys Uniform: 

⦁Long sleeved clean white shirt 

⦁Black stockings/No white stockings 

⦁Long sleeved shirts must be buttoned at the cuffs and not rolled up 

⦁Black Leather Shoes, Laced, no canvas shoes. Shoes should be polished at all times 

⦁Trainers for Sports/Black Ankle socks worn slightly above the ankle 

⦁Belts must be worn to avoid sagging 

⦁Trousers should be of the proper width, it is unacceptable for a child to wear a narrow legged trousers 

⦁Haircut must be low, no afros and markings on the head 

⦁Under no circumstances should eyebrows be marked or shapedKindly ensure that your child complies with the above listed standards.