Teachers, who are they? They are people who pass down wisdom, people who pass down knowledge from their own view to ours, in anticipation for our understanding. People who are willing to sacrifice their time for students no matter the consequence. If they do all these things for students, what do we do for them?

Why won't we celebrate them? why won't we appreciate them? when they go through sleepless nights building up notes for students. When they receive constant criticism, even for our own mistakes. When pain is inflicted on them When students are being rude, and when they spend days and weeks without not having time for their children. After all these, why do they still teach?

A lot of negative, and less positive comments are still made by students. Why the negative? Why do students say things like "this teacher doesn't know how to teach", "this teacher smells". Why not "thank you for what you do for us"? Why not "This teacher is amazing"? Why always the negative and not positive comments?

To all the teachers Happy Teachers' Day!

by: Udenze Chioma


We can't fake the fact that we had two best teachers in our lives: The one we loved or hated the most probably because of the subject or the teacher's personality. Although, it is undeniable that we will forever remember them, -even those who were not really close to us. 

But how can we talk about teachers without knowing them?

It all started using feather and ink, to the use of chalks on blackboards, then to whiteboards and markers of varying colours, and now interactive boards. Thanks to AI. Only a teacher is able and willing to learn how to use the new things that are evolving generation after generation for the sake of their students. A teacher is someone who impacts knowledge, morals, and skills into the life of everyone. They sacrifice a lot; some their sleep, lunch, free time, and even their own children, just to make the future of other children-who sometimes are even rude- to be great.

Teachers are epitome of patience, care, love, and a guide to the right path. Teachers are leaders. Leaders who even in time of pain, have time for their followers. Leaders who will forever be in our hearts. 

I still wonder about the concept of Teachers' Day. Iwonder why students complain about this, and that, say all sorts of things about their teacher like, "they have bad breath", "they talk alot", "they don't dress nicely", but only think to appreciate them on teachers' day. Teachers' Day is just a title. So, why wait for that day when you can make every day special for them; when you can appreciate them with the smallest gestures like, "Thank you", or even just a smile. 

Just imagine a world without lovely leaders like teachers, our lives would be like a world war; us searching for shelter and afraid of the ignorance that's devouring us.

Author: Onugo Stephanie E. (Year 11)


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